Welcome to Megan Layton, MFT Psychotherapy Services

 I honor your desire to grow and seek assistance for dealing with life's obstacles. Therapy provides a safe and healing opportunity to examine your life and relationships, and to better understand your thoughts and feelings. I feel honored to work with each of my clients and to support them on their path to health and wellness.


I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist practicing in Long Beach with extensive experience in treating multiple mental health issues, including anxiety, depression, mood disorders, phobias, relationship disturbances, Autism spectrum conditions, eating disorders, teen/adolescent adjustment issues, grief/bereavement, spiritual/religious issues., and school-related difficulties.  I work with my clients in a variety of contexts, including individual, family, and group therapy.

I value using a supportive and empathic approach to assist my clients in courageously examining their life and relationships, and in improving their understanding of their thoughts and feelings.  Through this process Istrive to assist my clients in attaining hope and healing.


Our Services

Successful therapy requires a lot of experience and specific training. Megan specializes in counseling individuals, adolescents, families, and groups, and offers the highest level of competence and understanding in these areas. Find out more about our counseling services.